Jill McIntosh left Scotland many years ago, but her love for the mountains, lochs and shorelines still lie deep in her heart and now dominate her work.
Her intuitive style and approach involves spending many hours walking on beaches, scrambling over rocks or just simply sitting and absorbing the magical landscape of the west coast of Scotland.

Jill was born and educated in Scotland and relocated to Germany in 2000. She now lives and works near Düsseldorf, but returns to the west coast every year seeking  more inspiration for future artwork.
               Pulse Exhibiton 2014 -2015 Burg Brüggen
                     Pulse Exhibition Paintings

                           Pulse Exhibiton Prints                

Jill exhibits a selection of her work at the Inselschlosschen Restaurant am Hariksee, Brempt. All paintings are for sale.             

Resipole Gallery and Studios, at Loch Sunart in Ardnamurchan, Scotland also exhibits some of Jill´s work  - presently showing in the Winter Exhibition 2015

Jill McIntosh Gallery

 Sketchbook and camera always on hand, Jill tries to capture the moods and fleeting weather changes which bring such depth of colour and
mystique to this exceptional and exhilarating part of Scotland.
Using acrylic on watercolour paper and a palette knife technique called Sgraffito meaning, "to scratch through", she succeeds in bringing both very fine detail and a dynamic fluidity to her work thus creating a visually rewarding experience for the viewer.

Jill McIntosh exhibits her work as a member of the Artwork Kreativ Group at their October 2011 art exhibition and November 2012 Burg Brüggen exhibition.

Die Hochlandsregion ist für Jill McIntosh als gebürtige Schottin nur noch das zweite Zuhause. Denn im Anschluß an ihr Kunstaufbaustudium in Edinburgh und mehrjähriger Projektarbeit in Wales drehte sie im Jahr 2000 schließlich der Insel den Rücken. Seit 2002 wohnt und werkt sie guterdings im Raum Düsseldorf

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