Acrylic paint offers the ideal medium for experimenting with texture and various abrading techniques which are a key factor in Jill McIntosh´s work.

Innovative use of acrylics and foil, subtle application techniques and a keen eye for composition readily coalesce to form the foundation for Jill´s distinctive style.

Acrylfarbe und Folie, raffnierte Anwendungsmethoden und ein geschultes Auge für den Bildaufbau sind wichtige Grundwerkzeug die Jill´s kennzeichenden Stil definieren.

Jill working in her temporary studio in Scotland surrounded by the hills and coastal landscape which form the main inspiration to her paintings.

Many hours are spent just walking along empty beaches and observing the sea and intricate sand patterns left by the ebb and flow of the tide.

Sand collected from the beaches is then used with the paint to create
the feel and structure of her seascapes which is a unique feature of her

Von den Stränden gesammelter Sand wird dann mit der Farbe verwendet, um das Gefühl und Struktur ihrer Seestücke zu schaffen, die eine einzigartige Eigenschaft ihrer Gemälde ist.

Using palette knives to apply paint instead of brushes is a fundamental technique which Jill McIntosh utilises extensively to create exciting textures and structured surfaces.

This method of paint application is illustrated perfectly in her composition "Don´t Let Go!" ( See painting top right in progress: acrylic and foil on canvas)


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